SerialMailer Version 8.1.10: Smoother Gmail Support and Critical Bug Fix


We're excited to announce the latest release of SerialMailer, version 8.1.10! This minor update brings some significant improvements, particularly in Gmail support, and addresses a rare issue that caused SerialMailer to halt during email sending when using Gmail as your email provider. We understand that even minor hiccups can disrupt your email marketing workflow, and our commitment to providing a seamless experience drives us to continuously enhance SerialMailer.

Enhanced Gmail Support

SerialMailer has always strived to provide exceptional email marketing capabilities on macOS, and this update reinforces our dedication to Gmail users. We've fine-tuned the Gmail integration to ensure a smoother, more reliable experience when sending emails through Gmail accounts.

Fixing a Rare but Critical Issue

In some cases, a rare issue was identified where SerialMailer would unexpectedly stop sending emails after only a few had been dispatched when using Gmail as the email provider. We want to assure you that we take every user experience seriously, and our team worked diligently to investigate and resolve this problem.

With SerialMailer version 8.1.10, we have successfully addressed this issue, ensuring that your email campaigns continue to run smoothly and without interruption. Your ability to reach your audience consistently is our top priority.

How to update

If you purchased SerialMailer directly through, you can download the latest version from the Download page.

If you purchased SerialMailer from the Mac AppStore, then the new version will be available in the AppStore app.