SerialMailer Privacy Policy

This privacy statement informs you about which personal data is collected by SerialMailer and how it is used.

We highly value your privacy and thus SerialMailer is designed to share as little data as possible with 3rd parties, including us (Falkon-Ware).

None of the personal data you enter into SerialMailer is shared with us.

Which data does SerialMailer collect

SerialMailer stores all data you enter into it locally on your computer and in the files you save to disk.

What does SerialMailer use the data for

SerialMailer uses the data exclusively to send your emails. As SerialMailer stores all the data locally and wherever you move its files, the only time your data is transmitted is when you actually send an email. In this case, SerialMailer does send the mails and your username/password to your email provider, just like any normal email client.

Again, SerialMailer only sends the data needed to deliver the emails and does not share the data with us, but only with the service you use as your email account provider.

What are Email accounts used for

When you grant SerialMailer access to your email account (such as gmail or Apple Mail), SerialMailer only stores the username/password or other authentication data in order to send emails through your account. It does not download, access or share any of the personal information in your account, nor does it store the username/password outside of your computer.

Usage of Gmail accounts

As with all other account types, SerialMailer uses your Gmail account exclusively to send your Emails. It does not access, use, store, or share Google user data.

SerialMailer's use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.